Saturday, November 7, 2009

Upcoming Dick Delicious Show

Yes,I know it's been a while since this blog has been updated but that's
how it goes when nothing much is happing. While it's safe to say that JFKFC is
on a hiatus,there is something that will be going on the Dick Delicious and The
Tasty Testicles front. On Thursday January 28th 2010,DDTT will be playing their
first show in three years at The Clermont Lounge in Atlanta Ga. For those of you
not familiar with the Clermont Lounge,it is a landmark in Atlanta that you have to
experience for yourself to truely appreciate what it is. Marilyn Manson,Nine Inch
Nails,and even Anthony Bourdain have given their utmost reccomendation as a must
see place. It even has its own Wikipedia page! With that in mind If you like tits and ass (no matter how low they hang to the ground)shaking
and swinging alongside songs about tits and ass,come and see the gazilianth annual
Dick Delicious reunion show! JFKFC's own Scott Waldrop(Hugh G Rection) and Scootch(Stu Pidasso)will reunite with Jay(Dick Delicious). Check out Jay's myspace blog for
more details on the upcoming show. Atlanta's Edgewood and Novacaine will also be
on the bill.

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